Scott Pallets, Inc.

Scott Pallets, Inc.


What we do?

Scott Pallets specializes in the production of new warehouse and custom hardwood and pine pallets and skids,   We have been certified for ISPM 15 heat treatment services since May 2003.  Our dock provides storage for up to 15,000 pallets enabling us to offer inventory service for our customers.

What makes us unique and why choose Scott Pallets, Inc.?

Since 1979, we have processed lumber from young small diameter logs yielding a higher quality of lumber with less decay, shake, wormholes, infestation, etc., than found with traditional manufacturing with lumber or cut stock produced from cants.

We process most of the lumber used for our manufacturing in house and this method provides our customers with 12% more lumber coverage on deck board width and stringer dimensions to yield more lumber coverage under the load, smaller openings between boards. This additional lumber coverage makes our pallets stronger and more durable providing our customers less product damage, more trips before repair and a more valuable pallet at repair time. Ninety Five percent of our lumber is produced from small diameter hardwood chip and saw logs. Most pallet lumber comes from cants that are cut from larger older trees. We purchase high-grade pulp or chip and saw logs. These trees are small diameter, young and healthy. A valid comparison would be the heart of a twenty-five year old man (a chip and saw log) to the heart of a sixty-five year old man (the heart is where the cants come from) is old, clogged and has some heart disease, this is not the case with our logs.

If you examine a yard of cants you will see decay, wormholes, shake and other defects in the pieces or squares. Pallet standards and specifications do allow for pinworm and grub wormholes generally specifying number, size, width, placement, etc. A primary entry for infestation of bugs, beetles, etc. occurs through these pin worm and grub wormholes. Therefore, if you have a product with far less numbers and size wormholes you will greatly reduce your opportunity for infestation. Our lumber has fewer of these defects because the trees have not been living as long and nature has not taken her natural course of disease and destruction.

A little forestry science lesson here – trees are very much like people. They have a productive life and then they die. Trees are America’s greatest natural resources, after our great people. America has the world’s largest renewable, accessible forest resource. Virginia’s reforestation program was the first nationwide and has become a model for the rest of the country.

We are fourth and soon to be fifth generation tree farmers, managing our considerable timberland using best management plans, BMP’s. Air, water, soil, and wildlife issues are pivotal as we manage our timber resources.  Our operations are fully integrated from ownership of land, planting of seedlings, timber management, harvesting, production of lumber and pallets and shipping to you by our trucking company.  We are in this business long term and our continued and constant investment and stewardship of our timberland speaks better than words of our commitment to our business, you our customers and to the future.  We are small enough to help you and large enough to serve you.  We are woman owned and operated.  We want your business and we will work for it!